Testosterone shots seem to be the new trend nowadays. Testosterone shots are the chemical methods of hormone augmentation that involve the use of injections.

Testosterone shots are medically administered to patients suffering from low testosterone levels. Some people also use these shots illegally or without medical supervision.

On the surface, it might seem a viable option to seek testosterone shots if you suffer from low testosterone levels. However, testosterone shots don’t necessarily work all the time.

There are various reasons as to why testosterone shots won’t work. Some of them are given in detail below.

Is It Really Testosterone?

Testosterone shots are used by men of all ages nowadays. Some use them for recreational use while others use them for medical reasons.

Due to the increasing demand for this drug, it becomes a target for drug counterfeiting. The following might be the reasons for this.

The drug is not purchased from a reliable source. It involves a lot of middlemen which makes it prone to dilution and adulteration.

The drug is not purchased through a licensed pharmacy that deals with the sale of testosterone shots.

Testosterone is mixed with some other compounds that decrease its efficacy and potency.

Low Testosterone is not a problem in the first place. The lab testing could be faulty and an accurate diagnosis wasn’t made. In such cases, it is if no use to administer testosterone shots.

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When Testosterone Shots Don't Work-TestosteroneComplex.com

Is It Enough Testosterone?

Dealing with testosterone is more complex than is commonly perceived. Dosages have to be administered after a careful study of the person’s hormonal profile and medical history.

One can come across the following obstacles:

The dosage of testosterone is not high enough. The required dosage may vary from person to person and a dosage high for someone might not be high enough for someone else.

The frequency of testosterone shots to be administered is not optimal. Sometimes someone might need a higher frequency than others to see noticeable results.

The person administering the testosterone shots doesn’t have a proper understanding of human endocrinology(the study of hormones). The doctor might not be a proper endocrinologist or any other medical expert that specializes in hormone functioning of the body.

Your Lifestyle Matters

In certain cases, lifestyle factors could be working against testosterone therapy. A multitude of reasons could be responsible for this.

A diet extremely deficient in vital nutrients can rob a person from the benefits of testosterone shots. Certain micronutrients and fats are essential for maintaining healthy hormone levels.

Some recreational drugs can counteract the benefits of testosterone shots. Hard drugs often severely impact the functioning of our body and can be detrimental not only to hormonal health but also to overall well-being.

Various other medications that can possibly interfere with the working of testosterone shots. Certain allopathic medications can have dangerous interactions with these pharmaceuticals.

Underlying health issues that could be possibly impacting the results of testosterone shots. Some medical issues need to be fixed first in order to derive proper benefits from testosterone augmentation.

Testosterone shots are not necessarily the ultimate option for those looking to improve their hormonal health. Even when they work they can have dangerous side effects.

These are pharmaceuticals and always require medical supervision to ensure safety. Also, it can be very complicating and tedious to deal with these pharmaceuticals.

As discussed earlier testosterone shots have a lot of complications involved with their usage. So it is probably best to naturally try to optimize testosterone levels before seeking this alternative.

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When Testosterone Shots Don't Work-TestosteroneComplex.com

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