Steroids are a trending topic for discussion nowadays. All people regardless of age or gender have heard this term somewhere at least at some point in their life. Let’s look into what steroids actually are and what they do.

Technically speaking, Steroid is an organic compound having a molecular structure consisting of four rings of carbon atoms. The steroids can be hormones or alkaloids but the most commonly used steroids are hormones.

The type of steroids that are usually shown in the media are anabolic steroids like testosterone and certain synthetic versions of it. These steroids are commonly used by athletes to enhance performance in their respective sports.

Steroids were originally used to treat medical conditions which involved the wasting of muscle tissue in the body, to induce puberty-related changes in men and increase appetite.

Nowadays, steroids are used on a large scale by athletes to get an edge in their sport. Even people who don’t compete professionally have started using these drugs nowadays.

What Happens When You Start Taking Steroids?

Steroids generally work by increasing the androgens(male hormone) in the body. The androgens found in a person using steroids is several times higher than an that of an average person.

After the usage of steroids, the molecules of steroids bind to the cell receptor sites. This alters the biochemistry of the body and increases muscle protein synthesis(a phenomenon by which muscle growth takes place).

Steroids also cause metabolic changes in the body which creates a more favorable environment for muscle growth. Along with these desirable effects, there are various side effects too associated with their usage.

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What Happens When You Start Using Steroids

What Happens When You Stop Taking Steroids?

Steroids can cause dependency due to which the body stops producing its own testosterone. After you stop using them testosterone levels plummet drastically.

As the body gets adapted to exogenous sources of testosterone, testosterone levels might never return back to normal. This also means that you lose all of your muscle and strength gains you made while using them.

Side effects of testosterone are numerous, ranging from anxiety, mood swings, gynecomastia(development of man boobs) to serious issues like infertility, heart disease and increased risk of cancer.

Many of the side effects do not subside even when you stop taking steroids. In many cases, steroids cause the shrinking of testicles that has never been reversed.

Steroids always require the supervision of a medical professional who understands human physiology.

Healthier Alternatives

Steroids are associated with numerous health risks that can potentially be lethal. Prolonged usage of these drugs can cause permanent damage to certain vital organs.

If you are concerned about your health, your best bet to stay away from these drugs and seek healthier alternatives. By doing so you can experience a better quality of life.

If you are looking to improve testosterone levels naturally, you could consider following a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine.

Supplementing with a testosterone booster that has natural ingredients can also help. This can be a safe alternative to the usage of steroids.

If you do opt for a testosterone booster, make sure it contains natural ingredients and is free from steroids and prohormones.

Taking the natural route is always better when it comes to overall health and longevity.

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What Happens When You Start Using Steroids

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What Happens When You Start Using Steroids?