Testosterone boosters are self-explanatory and are prescribed to those people with deficit testosterone. T-boosters are also used by people to maximize their gains in the gym.

There are several types and most people assume that testosterone boosters mean steroids and they are harmful. In this article, we’re going to dissect on what are testosterone boosters and especially what are natural ones and how they work.

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

T-boosters are a class of supplements which aim to increase/optimize the level of testosterone in one’s body.

How Do Natural Supplements Boost Testosterone?

T-boosters work in different methods.

The common method is to provide pro-androgenic nutrients to the testicles and the adrenal glands and stimulating them leading to the production of testosterone. The method used here is Hypothalamic Stimulation. The hypothalamus is a part of the brain which is sensitive to many types of stimulus like olfactory, steroidal (gonads and corticosteroids), autonomic inputs, stress, thermal and blood borne. But the most important for testosterone production is stimulation of gonads and not corticosteroids as they respond to stress and release cortisol, directly inhibiting the effects of testosterone.

Hypothalamic stimulus is important as it is the first step in making testosterone naturally. These types of testosterone boosters are called testosterone potentiates.

Refer to the article about how testosterone is produced in the body.

The other method is called Aromatic Inhibition. Aromatisation is a process in which our body tries to keep the ratio of testosterone to estrogen always the same. Aromatic is an enzyme which converts testosterone and several another androgen into estrogen. By inhibiting its production or its effect for a limited amount of time, levels of testosterone in one’s body can be increased.

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How Does A Natural Testosterone Booster Work Affect Us?

Natural boosters don’t get in the way of any other natural processes. Even if you think that that process of Aromatase inhibition will cause an imbalance in estrogen levels, its effects aren’t very noticeable in men.

In women, it is very much noticeable especially if the cycles are not proper as it might affect their menstrual cycle and might also affect the process of maturation of ovaries, and hence, fertility.

Since the ratio of these hormones come back to normal after a few hours, there have been no cases where significant damage has been observed during the period.

The method of hypothalamic stimulation is natural and hence, it doesn’t affect other processes at all.

Benefits Of Using Natural T-Boosters:

The first and foremost benefit of using testosterone boosters, especially natural is when your testosterone levels peak, it assists your gains in the most efficient manner, without any risks. Fat burning becomes easier as muscles start converting those fats into energy and start pulling out fat from various parts of your body.

Healthy levels of testosterone also directly contribute in increasing lean muscle mass and bone mass.

The secondary benefit of boosting testosterone is related to sexual health. We’ve all known that testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males and it helps in the development of reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics. Healthy levels of testosterone will help you in having sperms of better quality i.e. more density, motility and more fertile. Testosterone also helps in maintaining good sex life by giving you a high sex drive and more strength & stamina.

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The Most Recommended Method:

The most recommended method of boosting testosterone using supplements is by using a mixture of both testosterone potentiators and aromatase inhibitors. The perfect proportion will help your testosterone levels to reach their optimum helping you to gain your muscles & burn your fat in the most efficient way.

There are some supplements in the market which are already a combination of these two but are often very expensive are not worth the price.

How To Choose A Booster For Yourself?

Study yourself and ask yourself whether you need a testosterone booster. Testosterone boosters might help in bodybuilding but they’re not a requirement, especially below the age of 30. After the age of 30, testosterone production naturally declines at the rate of 2-4% every annum, hence the need for boosters.

Ask an expert. Ask a qualified trainer whether you need a testosterone booster or not.

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What Are Natural Testosterone Boosters - TestosteroneComplex.com

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