Testosterone is a vital sex hormone which is categorized as an androgen. It is found in both male and females. In both sexes, this hormone is responsible for some bodily functions to process smoothly. Though the quantity of this hormone varies in both sexes. In males, it is in abundance and works as the primary sex hormone. Whereas in females, it is present in low quantity and does not play a role as vital in comparison to males.  

Testosterone is vital for a number of body functions. Also, it helps in the development of the reproductive organs in males. It also plays an important role in puberty. It is produced in the male organs testes. For females, it is produced in the ovaries. 

Functions of testosterone: 

Testosterone is responsible for a number of functions in your body. A few of those functions are stated as follows: 

  • Stimulating the various changes your body goes through during puberty. 
  • Improving muscle mass. 
  • Regulating bone strength. 
  • Development of the reproductive organs. 
  • Hair growth. 
  • Production of semen. 

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The condition in which the levels of testosterone drop severely, enough so to call it a deficiency, is known as hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is also commonly known as Low T. The males that suffer from this condition experience the following symptoms: 

  • Hair loss. 
  • Reduction in muscle mass. 
  • Low bone density. 
  • Sexual dysfunction. 
  • Low semen production. 
  • Delay in puberty. 

Thus, the above-mentioned conditions are just a few major symptoms of Low T. 

Testosterone boosters: 

Science and medicine have come a long way. Regular developments made in these fields are leading to major progress. Thus, you might encounter a vast number of formulas that promise to rid you of the testosterone deficiency. Others claiming to improve your sex life. These supplements are widely known as testosterone boosters.  

Testosterone boosters are complexes that are said to stimulate the changes that lead to the process of increase in the levels of testosterone in the body. In addition to this, it also helps you with other functions that make it a desirable product for a vast population. In the past few decades, the number of people consuming these boosters has increased drastically.  

Functions of testosterone booster: 

Testosterone boosters primarily claim to improve the levels of testosterone in your body. Apart from this, they also claim the following: 

  • Improved sex drive. 
  • Longer and harder erections. 
  • Increase in the penis size. 
  • Intense orgasms. 
  • Improvement in the muscle mass. 

These are just a few of the claims that the testosterone boosters make that appeal a larger audience. 

Side effects of testosterone booster: 

With a large number of positive changes that these supplements claim to make, they also come with a price. The users who try out these boosters pay a hefty price in the form of side effects that they experience. The following are some of the reported side effects experienced by the people using these supplements: 

  • Increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases that might lead to stroke, heart attack and other situations. 
  • Disruption of sleep due to a temporary problem in breathing. This condition is known as sleep apnea. 
  • An increase in the risk of blood clotting as the level of RBCs increases drastically. 
  • You might suffer from acne. 
  • You might experience some prostate issues like abnormal growth in the prostate or worse prostate cancer. 
  • Swelling in breasts and ankles. 

Thus, with the positives of the testosterone boosters, you might face the mentioned side effects.

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Testosterone Booster Side Effects - Best Seller Of The Week - testosteronecomplex.com


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