The levels of natural testosterone and weight loss are closely related. For some men, weight loss can be a great struggle. Many men try to address the issue by counting calories, doing more cardio and taking weight loss pills.

However, men forget that troubles losing weight could also be an effect of low testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone helps promote a lean body with minimal unwanted fat.

Most of us know by now what testosterone does to our sexual health. There are theories and studies which show that testosterone also helps in weight loss. But how exactly does it happen? We’ll discuss that in this article.

Here we shall have a look at the various ways in which testosterone and weight loss are connected.

Testosterone And Weight Loss: What Is This Hormone & How Is It Related To Fat-Loss?

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, which is produced in the testicles. It is also produced in females in their ovaries.

The primary function of testosterone is to develop the male reproductive organs until adolescence and after that, to produce quality sperm, thereby maintaining fertility.

Testosterone is also responsible for secondary sexual characteristics like facial hair growth, deepening of voice, maintaining muscle mass and bone mass.

Testosterone And Weight Loss: Prevents Food Conversion Into Fat

Healthy free testosterone levels can prevent fat gain. This is due to the properties of testosterone that make one stay lean and improve body composition.

Testosterone prevents the conversion of food material into fat in the body. It helps one avoid excessive weight gain in the form of body fat.

Testosterone assists the process of muscle building. In the process, energy is needed in order to proceed and hence, fat it burnt.

The process of testosterone production requires cholesterol and when some amount of cholesterol is taken out of the bloodstream, it is replenished by the fat.

This is how fat gets metabolized and testosterone assists in the process.

A surprisingly large number of men experience weight loss struggles due to low testosterone levels. This is one of the reasons how testosterone and weight loss are intricately connected.

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Testosterone And Weight Loss: Helps Burn Body Fat

As discussed earlier, testosterone helps men stay lean and avoid fat gain. It can also help in reducing stored body fat and improving metabolism.

Research has shown that increases in free testosterone levels can greatly reduce body fat in men. This effect seems to be more potent than the muscle building effects of increased free testosterone levels.

This is also one of the reasons why testosterone is such a popular asset among the bodybuilding community. As it helps one stay lean and lose extra body fat.

Testosterone And Weight Loss: Possible Appetite Benefits

When free testosterone levels increase, a man experiences a surge in confidence and self-belief. It also lessens anxiety and impulsiveness in men.

A man becomes more assertive due to higher testosterone levels. This reduction in anxiety and impulsiveness can help prevent eating disorders like emotional or binge eating attributed to impulsive nature.

By curbing emotional eating, one may control appetite and manage weight better. Thus, the mental health benefits of elevated free testosterone levels may also help with weight loss.

Testosterone And Weight Loss: Improved Lean Muscle Mass

It is a well-known fact that testosterone improves muscle mass. It has an anabolic(muscle building) effect on the body.

Testosterone may have the following effects on muscle and strength:-

  • Increased lean muscle mass.
  • Lesser muscle breakdown.
  • Improved strength.
  • Can make gaining muscle from exercise easier.

To sustain muscle tissue, one requires more calories. Due to this, greater muscle mass can help one in burning more calories and staying lean.

Thus, this is one of additional ways in which testosterone and weight loss can be connected. As higher testosterone levels can help with weight loss due to more calories being required for maintaining muscle mass.

Testosterone And Weight Loss: Greater Exercise Motivation

Motivation and willpower are associated with high testosterone levels in men. Due to this, a man’s mindset towards exercise may change.

Testosterone can also improve exercise performance, which may further facilitate any weight loss goals. This is due to the better results one experiences from workouts.

The following benefits of mindset and exercise results can be experienced from higher testosterone levels:-

  • Greater Willpower.
  • More motivation for exercise.
  • Better muscle gain.
  • Greater fat loss.
  • Increase in strength.
  • Enhanced workout performance.
  • More focus.
  • Better recovery from training and exercise.
  • More stamina and endurance

All these may eventually motivate a man to exercise more often and more rigorously. Thus, the benefits of testosterone for weight loss are not limited to just the fat reduction aspects.

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Testosterone And Weight Loss: Benefits For Health And Longevity

The body’s health determines how easily a person can gain unwanted fat. A healthy body is less likely to store stubborn body fat.

An unhealthy body can easily gain weight and cause weight loss problems. Also, longevity plays an important role in long-term weight management.

Research has shown that men with healthy free testosterone levels are less likely to develop heart disease, mental disorders, sexual problems, osteoporosis(weakening of bones) etc.

Due to all this testosterone also plays an important role in health and longevity in men, which is crucial for long-term weight management.

All these factors indicate that testosterone has a much more profound role in men’s weight loss than previously thought.

Testosterone And Weight Loss: Do I Need Supplements?

Weight loss supplements are of several types. They include natural supplements (also called T-boosters), testosterone replacement therapy, and illicit anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids are misused by bodybuilders to increase their testosterone levels beyond normal. Legally, this is known as testosterone replacement therapy.

Prescribed testosterone replacement therapy could help obese men lose their weight, but illegal administrations won’t.

The natural supplements contain nutrients which help the testes produce optimal levels of testosterone in men with its deficiency.

Deficiency Of Testosterone And Its Effects

Deficiency of testosterone may lead to loss of this lean muscle mass and bone mass. It indirectly promotes weight gain.

As there are fewer muscles to consume energy, the fat consumed may not be converted into energy at all, hence leading to weight gain.

Fat loss can be assisted by testosterone, but the catch here is that you must be willing to take up a healthy diet. To have consistent results, you must also exercise.

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