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Men looking to improve testosterone levels sometimes get too stressed about it. More often than not men who are suffering from anxiety and stress tend to have lower levels of testosterone.

Stress is the silent killer of your hormones and sanity.

Being stressed out all the time can have disastrous consequences for your overall health and well-being. Stress and anxiety also kill your peace of mind and prevent you from enjoying life.

Certain practices like yoga, meditation and breathing exercises can be of great help in curbing anxiety and stress.

Anxiety and stress increase cortisol(the stress hormones) levels. Elevated levels of cortisol can wreak havoc on your body and hormonal system. Hence keeping stress and anxiety in check is a must for those looking to improve their testosterone levels.

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Meditate To Improve Testosterone


Research has shown that meditation changes your brain. It positively impacts mood patterns to help you focus better and have better cognitive functioning.

Regular meditation can be extremely beneficial for your peace of mind and mental well-being. It helps you stay in the present moment and not worry much about the future. Innumerable studies have shown the benefits of meditation for mental health.

There are different types of meditation you can consider practicing. No single type is suitable for all people but any form of meditation does have benefits.

For starters, it is a good idea to count backward from 100 without any interruption. Such a form of meditation helps you focus better and relieve anxious thinking.


Yoga is another form of exercise which has scientific research backing up its effectiveness. Yoga exercises also help you to be mindful, self-aware and relaxed.

Yoga consists of various asana styles and breathing exercises which help combat anxious thought patterns. Breathing exercises are very beneficial for anxiety and stress.

Exercises like the Pranayama focus on concentrating your breath and help you achieve presence of mind. Regular practice of breathing exercises Can drastically improve mental well-being.

In addition to breathing exercises, there are also various asanas. Asanas are poses you strike which help promote balance and mental equilibrium. Balasana(child’s pose), Vrikasana(Tree Pose) and Sirsasana(headstand) are a few of the asanas for relieving anxiety.

Find Your Own Therapy

There tons of different ways to combat stress and anxiety. People have their own unique stress busters which vary drastically.

Everyone has a unique way of dealing with stress. For some people, it may be an intense workout that wears them out. For others, it may be as simple as a hot water bath or a cold shower.

One shouldn’t be very rigid about methods to relieve stress. There are literally millions of ways to tackle stress. One should try with experimenting and see what works for them. It is important to do this regularly to achieve the best results.

Taking long walks or sprinting too can relieve stress. Plus such physical exercises have tons of other health benefits too. Whatever may be your stress buster, make sure you do it consistently to attain peace of mind.

Rejuvenating your mind is as important as treating your body right. Enjoying life and living happily have a huge impact on testosterone levels. So make sure you breathe, relax and learn to enjoy life as much as possible.

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Meditate To Improve Testosterone

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Meditate To Improve Testosterone Levels
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