The human body is a complex network of cells that combine to form various types of tissues that give rise to the formation of organs. These organs are units that perform specific functions concerning your day to day activities. Thus, effective and smooth functioning of these organs is vital for a healthy life. 

For this reason, our organs secrete hormones and enzymes that carry out a number of biochemical processes in our body. One of these essential hormones is testosterone. This hormone is produced in the testes of males and ovaries in females. Thus, classifying it as an androgen in nature. Though an androgen, testosterone is found in abundance in males and in fewer quantities in females.  

Functions of testosterone: 

Testosterone works as a primary sex hormone in males. It has the following functions: 

  • Production of sperms 
  • Hair growth 
  • Development of reproductive organs 
  • Deepening of voice 
  • Improving muscle mass and development of bones 
  • Regulating sex drive 

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This condition occurs in male when there is a deficiency of the hormone testosterone in the body. It is commonly known as Low T. The production of testosterone decreases as you age. The peak of this hormone is during adolescence and early period of adulthood. The natural decrease in the production of this hormone affects the testosterone levels by 1-3% annually. The natural decline in the production of this hormone cannot be categorized under Low T.  

The number of people reported to be suffering from hypogonadism has tripled over the past few decades. Scientists are baffled by this. They think the major cause resulting in Low T is the unhealthy lifestyle, stress, pollution, hectic work and few others. 

Symptoms of Low T in men: 

Reduced testicle size: 

If you are noticing a reduction in the size of your testicles despite cold temperature, then you might want to get tested for hypogonadism. Also, scrotum region might feel softer than usual. 

Reduced bone mass: 

As the hormone testosterone is responsible for bone mass development, its deficiency might lead to a decrease in the quality and strength of your bones. It loses its density, thus lowers in volume. This also makes your bones prone to fracturing. 

Disruption while sleeping: 

A low amount of testosterone might be a cause of sleep apnea. In this situation, you might feel like its hard to breathe while sleeping temporarily. This causes trouble in sleeping, resulting in a disruption disturbing your sleep cycle. 

Hair loss: 

Hair loss is a common setback of aging. It is natural. But a reduction in your hair volume earlier than its supposed to be might be an indication of low testosterone levels in your body. You might experience heavy hair loss if you are suffering from hypogonadism. 

Erectile dysfunction: 

Though, erectile dysfunction has a number of reasons, the low levels of testosterone can be a major one. To be fair, hypogonadism results in various sexual dysfunctions of which erectile dysfunction is just one. It happens because it is the hormone testosterone that regulates the secretion of nitric oxide that stimulates to an erection. Thus, absence or low levels of testosterone might lead to erectile dysfunction. 

These are some of the major symptoms of hypogonadism or Low T. 

Thus, the above-mentioned conditions can very well be symptoms of low testosterone levels in a male.

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Low Testosterone Symptoms In Men - Best Seller Of The Week -

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