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Testosterone is a sex hormone found in males. It is produced in the organ testes. It is responsible for not only sex drive, but also for strength, muscle gain, hair growth, and bones. Lower levels of testosterone are medically termed as Hypogonadism, also known as Low T. Low T is a condition in which the testosterone levels are lower than the moderate level.

It can lead to a number of sexual dysfunctions. Also, it can hinder the growth of your genitals in puberty. The production of testosterone decreases as you age. Thus, Hypogonadism is common in males who are above 35. But due to pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and other similar factors, Hypogonadism is also seen in a number of younger men. Also, the number of people suffering from Low T has been increasing drastically. The low levels of testosterone can result in low sperm count that might result in infertility, hair loss that can lead to balding, low strength and feeling low and unenergetic.

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To overcome Hypogonadism you can try the following remedies: 

A lot of times, hypogonadism is caused by the deficiency of components necessary for your body to produce testosterone. Thus, to avoid that, you can start with the consumption of a proper well-maintained diet to provide all the necessary nutrients to your body to avoid any deficiencies in your body. If that does not work well, you can also try including specific food in your diet that targets the stimulation of secretion of testosterone in your body. Zinc and vitamin D are the primary components vital for the production of testosterone and also keeping its levels in check. To improve the testosterone levels in your body, improving the levels of zinc and vitamin D is essential. The following are the food items you can inculcate in your diet to boost the mentioned components:

To improve the testosterone levels in your body, improving the levels of zinc and vitamin D is essential. The following are the food items you can inculcate in your diet to boost the mentioned components: 

For zinc:

Oysters are a great source of the mineral zinc. Also, other food items rich in zinc are crabs, lobster and a variety of other sea creatures. With marine animals, other alternatives for boosting zinc levels are ground beef, white beans, chunk roast, kidney beans, and many others.  

For vitamin D:

Consuming tuna in your diet helps to boost the levels of vitamin D in your body. Dairy products, especially milk is a great source of vitamin D. We consider egg whites healthy and generally avoid the yolk, but the yolk has some amazing levels of vitamin D in it. Consumption of a yolk a day will drastically help in the increase in the vitamin D levels. Cereals fortified with vitamin D can help in boosting its reserves in your body. 

With the increase in the intake of the mentioned food items, the minerals and vitamins necessary for boosting testosterone levels can be increased as well.  

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Some of the other methods for over-coming Hypogonadism are: 

Surgeries: there are surgeries available for you that claim to increase your testosterone levels and even succeed. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is one of the most popular surgeries out there in the market that is gaining a massive audience. You might want to opt for them but there are certain drawbacks like it might prove to be an expensive business and can lead to some side effects that might take a really long time to recover from. 

Supplements: these are formulas that are made to boost the testosterone levels in your body. They might consist of chemicals or natural complexes available in the market for the cause. The supplements might give desired results but drawbacks are also experienced like side effects and also dependability. 

These were the methods you can opt for boosting your testosterone levels and overcoming Hypogonadism.

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