The androgen testosterone is a sex hormone found in abundance in males and fewer in females as well. This hormone is responsible for the development of reproductive organs, increasing strength, improving muscle mass, stimulate the changes your body goes through during puberty, hair growth, sperm production, and other functions as well. Testosterone is produced majorly in the male organ testes and in females, in ovaries. Testosterone is essential for male development. As you age, the production of testosterone keeps reducing. Thus, as you grow old, there might be a time when your body ceases to produce testosterone altogether. This happens generally in males of age 40 and above. But, due to the unhealthy lifestyle, today and the population and stress, the age when testosterone production is staggered comes much early. This causes infertility and sexual dysfunction in males who are barely 30. Dullness and fatigue are some other effects of low testosterone levels. 

How To Increase Testosterone Levels In Older Men -

Methods You Can Follow To Increase Testosterone Levels:

Low testosterone levels in the body is a condition called as hypogonadism or Low T. Older men are the ones usually plagued by this condition. There are certain methods you can adapt to increase the testosterone levels in your body by boosting the production of this hormone in your body. The following are some of the steps: 

Components Essential For The Production Of Testosterone:

Two components are essential for the production of testosterone in your body- zinc and vitamin D. The increase in the level of these two components in your body would automatically boost the testosterone production in your body. Given below are the foods that are recommended to be included in your diet: 

For zinc: 

Beans are a good source of zinc. Ground beef and duck roast are good choices if you consume beef for increasing zinc levels in the body. Also, seafood like crabs, lobsters, oysters is rich sources of zinc in nature. Indulging in these natural sources of zinc is a safe and healthy way to obtain this mineral. 

How To Increase Testosterone Levels In Older Men -

For Vitamin D: 

There is an abundance of food items in nature that helps to boost the vitamin D resources in your body. Tuna being one of them, it is rich in vitamin D and also provide proteins to your body. Also, dairy products have vitamin D in abundance in them, especially milk. Egg yolks are a great source of vitamin D, as they are conveniently available. If you are not suffering from any cholesterol condition, then they are a great option for you. Beef liver is also a rich source of vitamin D. 

Other Methods:

You can also opt for other methods to increase your testosterone levels. Surgeries being one of the most popular methods that people choose. Others being testosterone boosters. They come with both natural as well as synthetic ingredients. Going for these options might give results, but they can also put you through adverse side effects.  

These methods can result in an increase in the testosterone levels by boosting the testosterone production in your body. 


How To Increase Testosterone Levels In Older Men -

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How to increase testosterone levels in older men
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