Exercise Is Exercise…Well Not Really!

Optimal Testosterone level is a very important aspect of health as not only does it help athletic performance, but also sexual health.

Healthy levels of testosterone result in greater muscle mass, strength and sexual prowess.

The average man nowadays has a significantly poorer testosterone count than our ancestors. There are various physiological, social and psychological causes responsible for this decline. Lack of proper exercise is one of the reasons for this downward trend.

Many people have a wrong notion about exercise and its effect on testosterone. Though exercise does improve testosterone levels, not all exercises work well for optimal testosterone production. In this article, we’ll learn how to maintain optimum testosterone levels through exercises which are meant for that.

Not All Exercises Are Created Equal

To the average Joe, it would seem as though any form of exercise would immediately benefit their testosterone levels. Nothing could be further from the truth. For example, walking is also a form of exercise, but it doesn’t contribute significantly towards the optimum testosterone production or its maintenance.

There are a vast variety of exercises requiring different types of biomechanics and fitness levels for performing them. An average marathon runner would not have the same biochemistry or body composition as that of a bodybuilder.

There are numerous reasons for this difference which range from biochemical changes to activity levels. Also, athletes need different types of biomechanics to perform optimally in their sport.

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Exercises For Testosterone Production-TestosteroneComplex.com

The Hormonal Dance

Prolonged periods of exercise have been shown to increase cortisol(the stress hormone) levels.

Elevated cortisol levels are associated with a decline in testosterone levels. More than a few hours of strenuous exercise a day can be detrimental to your testosterone levels and body composition.

This is the reason why athletes who perform a long duration of exercise tend to look drastically different from the ones performing short bursts of athleticism. To preserve muscle mass and testosterone reserves one need not perform more than a few hours of intense exercise a day.

Resistance training(lifting weights) is shown to be beneficial for testosterone levels however one needs to do it in moderation.  Going overboard with your strength training can raise your cortisol levels and even cause serious injuries.

Cardio for more than a few hours a day can put unwanted stress on the body hindering your testosterone levels and muscle mass. Short bursts of intense cardio namely HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training) have been shown to be beneficial for hormonal health as well as muscle gains.

Tricks To Maximize Results

In conjunction with a good exercise regimen, one needs to take care of their health and mental well-being. A few tweaks to your regular diet and exercise can optimize testosterone levels.

A diet containing essential fats and micronutrients can supercharge your testosterone production.

Vitamin C, Zinc and DHA have been known to benefit testosterone levels. About 25 % of your diet calories should come from healthy fats.

Meditation and Yoga have innumerable studies backing up their efficacy for improving mental well-being. Reduced levels of anxiety and stress mean lower cortisol levels. This will create the perfect environment for testosterone production.

If you are middle-aged or cannot seem to get your lifestyle right, you can consider taking a testosterone booster. A good testosterone booster which has clinically proven ingredients can aid your testosterone production.

Boosting your testosterone levels naturally can be fun! In the process you can enjoy life, live happily and attain perfect health. So learn to enjoy the process instead of being burdened by it.

And so the story moves on. Remember these tips and it will give you the results you wanted if you don’t expect too much. Consistent exercise and a balanced & healthy diet is key to well-being, especially testosterone boosting.

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Exercises For Testosterone Production-TestosteroneComplex.com

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